Compare Home Security Companies, Features & Costs

Company Installation Cost Contract Length Monthly Cost
ADT $99 Up 36 Months $35-$46
Protect America Free 36 Months $29-$42
FrontPoint Free 12 Months $36-$50
Alarm Force Free 36 Months $25-$28
Protection One $99-$349 36 Months $35-$55
Monitronics Home Security Free 36 Months $49
Pinnacle Home Security $220+ 42 Months $35-$50
Guardian Protection Free 36 Months $30-$50
XFinity by Comcast $199-$499 36 Months $30-$50
GE Security $99 36 Months $32-$50
First Alert Pro $289 24 Months $19.99
Vivint $99 42 Months $50-$69
Vector $99 36 Months $35
Lifeshield Security Free 36 Months $25-$36

Compare Features, Information and Details from All Home Security Companies


ADT Home Security

1617 W Shaw Ave Ste A1 Fresno, CA 93711 | 800-521-0749

ADT Home Security Reviews & Information ADT Home Security is a recognized industry leader by consumers and other brands. As you compare home security companies, you will see that they often show their features, plans and home security prices next to ADT. That says quite something about the respect ADT has in the industry. ADT [...]


Alarm Force Security

675 Garyray Drive North York, ON M9L 1R2 | 1-800-267-2001

Alarm Force Home Security AlarmForce offers one of the most affordable home security plans of the leading security companies. There are no upfront costs for its home alarm monitoring plan, and installation is free, making it easy to get started. AlarmForce has an outstanding A+ rating with the BBB. In this detailed AlarmForce review of [...]


First Alert Pro Home Security

3901 Liberty Street Road Aurora, Illinois 60504 | 800-323-9005

First Alert Pro Home Security First Alert Professional is part of the Honeywell Company and uses Honeywell’s highly-rated lines of home security systems equipment. It’s sensors, detectors and control panels are among the most popular in the industry and are used by many leading home security companies including 2 of the largest, ADT and Protection [...]


FrontPoint Home Security Systems

1568 Spring Hill Road, Suite 100 McLean, VA 22102 | 877-602-5276

FrontPoint Home Security FrontPoint Security Solutions is a leading provider of home security systems with competitive home security prices. It’s systems are entirely wireless, and there are various home security system packages to meet your needs. FrontPoint is relatively new to the industry but is growing rapidly and is quickly on its way to being [...]


GE Home Security Systems

9 Farm Springs Road Farmington, CT 06034 | 866-220-0602

GE Home Security GE Home Security is also known as GE Security Pro. The company offers residential and commercial security systems. For homes, the top-rated GE Simon XT control panel is used. It programs quickly, can control up to 40 zones, features emergency buttons for the fastest possible response and has a backlit LCD display [...]


Guardian Home Security

174 Thorn Hill Road Warrendale, PA 15086 | 877-314-7092

Guardian Protection Home Security Guardian Protection offers complete home security systems for both existing homes and new construction. Packages and security system prices are different with each because it is much easier to wire systems during construction than it is to wire an existing home. Guardian Protection has an A+ rating from the BBB and [...]


Lifeshield Home Security

4540 Southside Blvd, Suite 602 Jacksonville, FL 32216 | 800-481-7432

Lifeshield Security Lifeshield Security and its partner, industry leader Protection 1, provide home security systems to more than 1 million homes, with customers in all 50 states. As one of the largest home security companies, Lifeshield has 5 home alarm monitoring centers throughout the country to provide redundancy and peace of mind. If weather is [...]


Monitronics Security

2350 Valley View Lane Dallas, TX 75234 | 800-447-9239

Monitronics Home Security Monitronics, with 700,000 residential customers, has an impressive resume. It consistently wins industry awards for monitoring and quick response. The average response time of 23 seconds is among the top 5 of home security companies. Monitronics uses state of the art home security systems and redundant home alarm monitoring handled by highly-trained [...]


Pinnacle Home Security

1290 Sandhill road Orem, UT 84058 | 877-746-7223

Pinnacle Home Security Pinnacle Home Security is a relatively new company but is fast-growing and committed to quality home security systems and outstanding customer care. In its brief history, Pinnacle has won several annual GE Liberty awards given to home security companies that install GE security systems equipment. This Pinnacle Home Security review gives you [...]


Protect America Home Security

Two Office Park, Ste. 202 Mobile, AL 36609 | 800-951-5190

Protect America Home Security Protect America is a top-rated home security systems in terms of sales and installation. The company has been in business since 1992 and serves homes and businesses throughout the country.  Protect America uses GE home security systems and offers a range of security packages based on the number of doors and [...]


Protection One

800 E Waterman Wichita, KS 67202 | 877-776-1911

Protection One Home Security Protection 1 Security Solutions is the nation’s second largest home security system company. They have home alarm monitoring centers throughout the country that provide overlapping coverage. If there’s ever a potential emergency at your home, the signal will go to multiple centers to ensure the police, fire or medical emergency help [...]


Vector Home Security

1140 Briargate Circle Columbia, SC 29210 | 888-832-8671

Vector Home Security Vector Security offers home security systems and much more. The company is a leader in the home automation industry as well and can provide you and your home with environmental monitoring as well as medical emergency monitoring. If you choose Vector Security, you’ll have the option of leasing the equipment for free [...]


Vivint Home Security

4931 North 300 West Provo, UT 84604 | 800-216-5232

Vivint Home Security Vivint Home Security serves all of the United States and Canada with complete residential home security systems. Vivint is also one of the leading home automation companies, and home automation can be seamlessly included in any Vivint Home Security system for additional fees. Vivint has a basic package comparable to most home [...]


Xfinity Home security

1100 Pattison Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19145 | 855-709-1196

XFinity by Comcast Home Security Comcast has hit the home security systems market in a big way with XFinity by Comcast Home Security. The packages offer impressive breadth of security for your home, and the security system prices are competitive with leading brands such as ADT and Protect 1. The XFinity by Comcast Home Security [...]


Understanding Home Security System Features Provided by Different Companies

The purpose of the security system comparisons and reviews we provide, is to give you a clear understanding of how systems operate. For example, many are hardwired into your home and use your home’s landline to communicate with the home alarm monitoring center. These systems typically have a digital cellular backup in the event that the landline is tampered with.

Other systems are completely wireless, using a broadband internet connection. These home security systems typically use cellular backup as well. The advantage of a wireless system is that it is easier and less costly to install. The advantages of wired systems include slightly increased reliability and the inclusion in the installation of other features for your home such as home theater, video, computer networking or room to room intercom.

Live Intercom Monitoring

This feature will allow the monitoring center to contact you through the system using intercom technology in the control panel. You’re instantly in contact with the center if you’re at home, rather than having to wait for them to call you by phone. This feature is especially important for elderly or handicapped individuals.

Remote Access and Programming

Having the ability to arm, disarm and control your home security system from a remote location using your cellphone, computer or other device is wonderful. There are many times you’ll want to turn the system on or off or change settings while away at work or on vacation. The remote monitoring feature allows outstanding flexibility and enhances your peace of mind.

Equipment Cost

Some home security companies will offer you the ability to purchase your monitoring equipment upfront and own it, instead of renting it. If you choose to purchase your own equipment it gives you flexibility in manufacturers and features, and in addition, you will likely pay less each month for monitoring. Most residents choose to rent the equipment and pay higher monitoring fees for the rental of the security system.

Installation Cost

When choosing a home security system, you will most likely be comparing the monthly monitoring fee first and then the equipment cost. You should also ask what the installation cost is because it could vary quite a bit based on whether you have chosen a wireless versus wired security system. Wireless systems usually to not incur any installation fees since you will most likely do much of the installation yourself. However, if you need additional items to be hard wired, such as outdoor video surveillance, you will likely incur additional installation costs.

Support Plans

Most home security system companies will offer different levels of support. Most offer free online support where you communicate with technicians via website chat. They will also most likely offer free phone support based on what level of service you require. In-home support, unless explicitly outlined as free, will probably be a paid service.

Power Interrupt

Most home security system packages will include 24 hour backup as part of a standard package. Also called power interrupts, these backups can help keep your system alarmed during a power outage, when your home is most vulnerable to thieves. Since most power outages are less than 24 hours, the standard system is usually sufficient.

Contract Length

All security companies have a contract that you must sign before they install your equipment. The average contract length is 36 months, which means that once you sign it, you are locked into the monthly fee for 3 years. However, there are some home security companies that offer no-contract plans, but be aware that you will usually have to pay for all of your equipment and part of monthly monitoring for an allotted period of time.

Monthly Cost

Your monthly monitoring cost is the price you will pay each month for the extent of your contract. Most security companies have different levels of monitoring packages that are based on the equipment you purchase, the accessories and options you choose, and the level of service you would like to have.

To learn more about the terms and phrases that are associated with home security systems, please visit our FAQ Glossary so you can make informed decisions when choosing your system. This glossary can also be a big help while you are comparing security systems, checking out our security system review section and our helpful buying guide articles.

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