Home Security System Buying Guides and Articles

Buying a new home security system is a long term decision for most homeowners, since they will be partnered with the home security company for many years ahead. The home security buying guides in this section of our website will help you with choices you need to live with for the long term.

If you can’t find an answer to your questions and want further information about home security options, please consider requesting a buying guide. Our home security experts are happy to answer your questions and include it as part of a future home security system buying guide.


Home Security Options for The Areas Outside Your Home

If you want exterior home security, you’ve got good options for equipment that will give you the protection you want. Here’s a look at what is available. In...

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We Have a Dog. Do We Need a Home Security System?

A barking dog is a proven crime preventer. When a burglar wakes the family Fido and the yapping starts, the thief usually exits the scene quickly. If you...

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How Many Home Security System Alarm Signs Do You Need

When you sign up with a home alarm monitoring company, they typically give you one yard sign and one window sticker. Is this enough?  Probably not. How...

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10 Most Cost Effective Ways to Deter a Home Burglar

Home security system prices can be quite high, but inexpensive ways to deter a home burglary are available as alternatives. In this Home Security Systems article...

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Wireless Home Security Systems, Will Other Home Wireless Devices Interfere?

Many homes today are filled with wireless devices, and they can cause concerns for homeowners who fear other wireless devices might interfere with the...

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Risks Involved When Your Security Company Hires Subcontractors To Install Your System

Many security companies only use their own employees to install home security systems – but not all. There are a few cautions to keep in mind if you...

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Self Installed Security Systems, Should You Consider Installing Your Own Security System?

Handy homeowners might consider installing their own security system. Is this a good idea? In this Home Security Systems guide we will take a look at...

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Benefits of Monitored vs. Non-Monitored Security Systems

There are pros and cons for both monitored home alarm systems and those that aren’t monitored. In this Home Security Systems article we will give you an...

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Security System Expansion, Planning for the Expansion of Your Home

Are you having a security system installed now but plan to add an addition to your home in the future? With a little planning, the expansion can be seamless,...

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How Hard is it to Set Up and Maintain a Security System?

Are you considering purchasing, installing and maintaining your own security system or just wondering how hard it is for the pros to do it? In this Home...

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Top Reasons You Should Not Choose a Monitoring Company That Has Alarm Delays

Alarm delays cause the system to wait to contact the monitoring company for a specified length of time, often several minutes. Is this a good idea?  The...

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Door and Window Contacts: How This Option Can Help Protect Your Children

Parents choose a home security system with kids in mind, and so most choose one that uses door and window contacts instead of one that relies only on motion...

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False Alarm Reduction. Top Ways to Avoid Fines From The Police Department

Many police and fire departments are beginning to charge for responding to false alarms from home security companies. The charges can be quite expensive,...

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What is 2-Way Voice and Should My Security Home System Have It?

Two-way voice is the fastest way to get emergency personnel to your home when they are needed most. It’s a part of the best home security systems from...

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How is the Monitoring Company Notified of an Alarm Event?

If you are considering a security system for your home, you might be wondering how the system communicates with the home alarm monitoring center. How is...

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Children and Home Security Systems: Teach Your Children to Use the Security System

There are several good reasons to teach your children how to use the alarm system. In this Home Security Systems guide we will show you the best way...

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Do I Have To Be A Homeowner To Get An Alarm System?

Are you renting a home and would like to have the protection and peace of mind that a home alarm system can provide?  The good news is that home security...

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Can Home Security Systems Be Installed in Apartments?

Apartments are a common target for thieves and burglars. Many apartment dwellers want to know if a home security system can be installed in an apartment....

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Can I Get a Discount on Homeowners Insurance with a Home Security System?

There are many good reasons to consider a security system for your home. While most homeowners think about protection from burglary, fire and smoke, video...

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Can An Alarm Notification Go Straight to Police?

When you’ve got an emergency situation at your home, you want the fastest possible response. If you’re at home, a call to 911 will produce the quickest...

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Can You Have a Home Security System if You Own Pets?

Pet-friendly or pet-immune motion sensors are available for use in security systems. How well they work is an ongoing debate. Motion sensors are an essential...

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False Alarms, Do Companies and Cities Charge a Fee to Respond?

False alarms are a reality in the home security business. In one respect, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having emergency responders show up at your...

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Are There Hidden Fees in Home Alarm Monitoring Contracts?

Many home security contracts have hidden fees if you don’t know what to look for. Being an informed consumer is the only way to avoid hidden fees. When...

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10 ways gun

10 Reasons a Home Security System is Better Than Just a Gun!

Many gun owners install security systems in their homes. Others, deciding whether a gun or security system is a better choice opt for a quality security...

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Our Area Has a Neighborhood Watch Program. Do I Need a Home Security System?

Neighborhood watch programs are a wonderful deterrent to crime wherever they are instituted. They receive well-deserved credit for lowering crime rates...

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Should I Use Smoke Detectors in my Home Alarm System?

When many homeowners think of a home alarm system, the first thing that comes to mind is security against burglary and intrusion. This remains the primary...

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Five Reasons to Consider Adding Video Surveillance to your Home Security System

Video allows you to see what is going on – or has gone on—in your home, adding functionality to any home security system. In this Home Security Systems article...

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High Tech Home Security Systems, How Smart are They?

Today’s home security systems are very high tech, and many homeowners find them to be very smart. What makes a home security smart? In this Home Security...

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Deadbolt Door Locks, The First Line of Defense in Home Security

Did you know that 30% of burglaries occur when the thief walks through an open door! Another 25%-40% get in by pressuring a cheap lock. That’s why installing...

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Considerations Before Purchasing a Security System for a Rental Home

If you live in a rental home and are planning to get home security, there are a few factors worth considering. the initial borrowing limitwww.discoverdavinci.com/pdls/ In...

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Do Any Home Security Companies Offer Portable Alarm Systems?

A wired security system isn’t going anywhere if you move. It will stay behind to protect the next resident of the home or apartment. If you move frequently,...

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How Does the Alarm Monitoring Company Notify Authorities?

When a sensor in your home detects a problem, it instantly sends a signal to the system’s control panel in your home. The control panel relays the signal...

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Are There any No-Contract Security Companies?

Many homeowners would prefer not to be locked into a long-term contract for home alarm monitoring. But are there any no-contract companies?  If so, how...

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List of Parts Used On a Security Home System

It is a good idea to have a working knowledge of a home security system. This will help you understand the discussion of system components on this site...

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I Have a Gun for Protection. Do I Need a Home Security System?

Many homeowners own a personal gun in part, at least, as a means of home protection. In fact, gun purchases are on the rise, and personal protection is...

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Do You Need Good Credit to Have a Home Security System?

Credit scores are a challenging issue for many homeowners in these tough economic times. The good news is that you don’t need pristine credit to get...

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5 Features a Home Security System Must Have!

What are the essential features to look for in a home security system? While there will be disagreement among the experts over what the top feature should...

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What is Home Automation and Should I Include it in My Home Security System?

Many of your home’s systems and functions can be controlled by automation. In this Home Security Systems guide we outline what home is and whether...

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Common Scams from Home Security System Companies

While most of the nation’s largest home security companies are honest in the way they do business, there are always unscrupulous and deceitful ones trying...

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10 Ways Your Alarm Monitoring System Protects your Family

How does your alarm monitoring system protect your family? Let us count the ways!  Here are just 10 of the many ways your home security system will keep...

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Are There Advantages to a Wireless Home Security System?

Most home security companies now offer wireless home security systems as well as those that are hardwired. In addition, you can purchase your own wireless...

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9 Ways to Protect Yourself when Your Home Security System Fails

Millions of homeowners and renters rely on their home security system to monitor the premises and alert authorities if an intruder enters. But what happens...

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Top Rated Home Security Monitoring Companies of 2012

What are the best home security companies in the industry?  There are many good ones, but these are the best. In this Home Security Systems guide, we...

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Does the Homeowner Buy Security Equipment or Is It Included in the Plan?

That’s a common question, and the short answer is that it depends. Both types of system are available. With some, you buy the equipment upfront and pay...

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Will My Security System Work if the Power Goes Out?

Power outages are more than just a hassle. Criminals look at them as a chance to take advantage of homes with security systems. Under normal circumstances,...

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Pros and Cons of Owning Your Security Equipment Rather than Leasing It

If you’ve shopped for home security systems, you have found that some companies supply you with the equipment while other companies sell you the equipment...

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What Security System Options Do You Have As a Tenant?

Renters need home security too! And you’ve got options. In this Home Security Systems we will discuss the security options you have as a tenant in...

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Top 4 Reasons You Should Add a Carbon Monoxide Detector to Your Security System

It makes sense to add CO monitoring to your security system for several reasons. In this Home Security Systems article you will learn the top reasons...

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Choosing an Installer. Should You Choose A Nationally Known Company or a Local Business?

When you’re considering a home security system, there are advantages to going nationally as well as reasons to consider a local business. In this Home...

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Interior Only Security Systems, Is Your Security Worth the Money You save?

Home security systems that only monitor the interior of the home are common. They use window and door monitors along with motion detectors to detect danger...

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Motion Sensor Lights, Can Motion Sensor Lights Be Installed On a Large Property or Farm?

Motion sensors lights are ideal for large properties, farms and ranches. They provide good security along with useful lighting when it is needed. In this Home...

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Audible vs. Silent Alarms. What are the Pros and Cons of Each System?

If given the option, most home security experts would pick an audible alarm over a silent alarm. Here’s a look at the issue that will help you make this...

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Security Options for The Handicapped Or Elderly, Questions You Should Ask Before Your Purchase

If you are elderly or disabled, or have loved ones living with you who are, you’ll want to choose a home security system that takes specific needs into...

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Alarm Monitoring Fees. Will Monthly Monitoring Fees Be Offset By Decreased Insurance Rates?

Home security prices aren’t cheap, but your insurance premiums will go down if you have a system that uses a home alarm monitoring company. Will they...

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Security System Maintenance, What Items Will The Security Company Maintain?

Maintenance plans for security systems provide comprehensive care of the equipment used in the security system. In this Home Security Systems article we...

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Can Home Security Systems be Installed a Log Homes?

Are you considering a log home and wonder if the construction type of the home will prevent a security system?  Log homes can definitely be outfitted...

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How do Home Security Companies Choose the Keypad Location?

The location of the home security pad is important to the functionality of the system. Security companies consider the layout of the home and which door...

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Do Home Security Companies Provide a Backup Power Source?

Most of today’s home security systems come with a backup battery good for approximately 24 hours. The size of the battery is based upon the size of the...

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Top Rated Accessories Every Home Security System Should Include

Most homeowners enhance their home security system with other detection and monitoring functionality to get the most from it. In this Home Security Systems article...

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Remote Monitoring Apps, Which Home Security Companies Provide Free Monitoring Apps?

Most security companies include the monitoring app as part of their home security system prices. You might be interested in what they are and how they...

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Driveway Alarms, Do Home Security Companies Install Driveway Alert Systems?

Many home security companies install driveway alerts as an option in their home security systems. In this Home Security Systems article you will learn...

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Outdoor Security Cameras, Proper Placement to Protect Your Vehicles

Outdoor security cameras are a great idea in areas frequented by car thieves. Knowing where to position the security camera is a key part of making it...

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Motion Detectors, How to Position Motion Sensors to Prevent False Alarms

False alarms are the biggest complaint about motion detectors in home security systems. In this Home Security Systems article we give you tips on how...

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Wired or Wireless, Which Home Security System is Best for Your Home?

For security-minded homeowners, a wired system is best for new construction and a wired system is best for existing homes. In this Home Security Systems...

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