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ADT Home Security is a recognized industry leader by consumers and other brands. As you compare home security companies, you will see that they often show their features, plans and home security prices next to ADT. That says quite something about the respect ADT has in the industry. ADT Home Security provides security for both residential and commercial buildings.

ADT offers a complete range of home security system packages depending on the needs of each customer. This ADT Home Security review outlines those packages and offers security system prices as well. In all our security system reviews, we seek to provide you with the information you need to choose the best home security company for your home or business.

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Security Systems and Plans

ADT Home Security offers 5 different plans to meet your specific needs. Two of the plans, the Safewatch QuickConnect and the Safewatch Pro RF are entirely wireless systems and ideal for existing homes where running new wire can be very expensive. Some new construction projects also use wireless systems due to lower installation costs and greater portability.  The other 3 plans are hardwired and might be better suited to new construction when running wire is easier and cheaper.

The 3 hardwired plans are the Essentials Plus, the Critical Conditions and the Family Package. See below for details.

Features and Accessories

Here’s what each of these ADT Home Security systems offer along with security system prices.

ADT Essentials Plus: Home alarm monitoring is provided for burglary only. This hardwired security system uses a Safewatch Pro 300 control panel and touchpad. It includes 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 alerting siren, 1 power supply with battery backup and 1 each window sign and yard sign. The installation fee is $99 and the monthly fee is $35.99.

ADT Critical Conditions: This hardwired home security system includes all the features of the Essential Plus package with a few more. The extras include a smoke detector and your choice of a flood, temperature or carbon monoxide detector. Home alarm monitoring includes burglary, fire safety and critical condition such as high temperature of flooding. The installation fee on this system is $349 and the monthly monitoring fee is $38.99 per month.

ADT Family Package: This wired system includes all that the first 2 do with the addition of cellular backup in case the landline is tampered with or fails. The installation fee is $449 and the monthly fee is $46.99.

ADT Safewatch QuickConnect: This wireless home security system offers burglary monitoring. The equipment includes a Safewatch QuickConnect control panel, 2 wireless door/window sensors, a wireless motion detector, a wireless keychain remote, power supply with 24-hour backup and 1 each window sign and yard sign. Installation of this wireless system costs $299 and the monthly monitoring fee is $42.99.

ADT Safewatch Pro RF: This home security system differs from QuickConnect by the addition of a Safewatch Pro 3000 wireless touchpad that makes activating and programing the system much easier. This feature raises the home security costs to $499 for installation but the monthly monitoring fee for burglary monitoring only is $35.99.

Installation Information

The wired systems are time-consuming to install, but the wireless systems install very quickly. ADT technicians do all the installation as a means of quality control. They install and test the home security system functions to make sure that everything is performing as it should be, giving you the peace of mind that the system is giving you the protection you expect.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

For specific security system prices, see the installation and monthly fees listed above. There’s no question that ADT Home Security has some of the highest prices in the industry. ADT is a premium brand with a good reputation but not cheap when it comes to installation or home alarm monitoring fees.

When considering ADT or other home security companies, make sure you get multiple estimates that show you the complete bottom line. Comparing monthly fees usually isn’t enough since installation fees can make the total home security prices very different. That’s why getting complete written estimates for the right home security package is the only way to comparison shop.

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    Been with ADT for years and years and never had a problem. Easy system to work with and when they have updates, they are right out to make sure everything is current with my system!

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