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AlarmForce offers one of the most affordable home security plans of the leading security companies. There are no upfront costs for its home alarm monitoring plan, and installation is free, making it easy to get started. AlarmForce has an outstanding A+ rating with the BBB.

In this detailed AlarmForce review of its home security system, you’ll get all the data needed to make an informed decision about choosing AlarmForce as your home security system provider. See all of our security system reviews in order to compare the key features of all the leading brands. See security system prices from AlarmForce below.

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Security Systems & Plans

There is one basic plan from Alarm Force. The home security system is called AlarmForce Home Alarm and it offers a list of standard services that makes it comparable to ADT home security and other leading names. This system uses your landline phone but does have a cellular backup in cases in which the phone line is tampered with.

The Home Alarm plan includes 2-way voice communication with the monitoring center. This is the quickest way to alert the center of an event for which authorities need to be notified. It also quickly and conveniently stops a false alarm. The Home Alarm monitoring equipment package is free when a contract is signed.

Services include burglar alarm, smoke and fire detection using temperature sensors and carbon monoxide monitoring. The system uses secure cell phone backup.

The package includes 2 wireless door/window contacts, an interior siren, one wireless motion detector, one keypad and a window sticker. Additional door/window contacts are currently available for $69 and are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Features & Accessories

AlarmForce offers two additional plans that can be added to the basic Home Alarm security system or can be purchased separately. The first is AlarmPlus with Line Cut technology. If the landline is ever intentionally or accidentally cut, the home security system will automatically send a message to the AlarmForce monitoring center and the police will be notified. The message will be sent via wireless signals with a secure cellular backup. A basic home security system is part of the plan. It includes most of the features of the standard Home Alarm plan including 2-way voice communication with the home alarm monitoring center.

The second additional plan is a medical emergency plan called AlarmCare. The system includes 2-way voice communication with the home alarm monitoring center. A lightweight and waterproof personal pendant is supplied with each plan.

AlarmForce offers basic home monitoring at affordable costs. The company does not provide video monitoring services as part of the plan or as an accessory. There are many home security systems with plan options that include video monitoring.

Installation Information

AlarmForce provides free installation with the basic HomeAlarm home security system and with the AlarmCare medical emergency system. The AlarmPlus with Line Cut technology will be installed for a fee of $99 and the plan costs $4.95 per month.  Because this system uses your landline as the primary contact, with a cellular backup, DIY installation of the equipment is not an option. With free installation, it isn’t necessary.

Up Front and Monthly Monitoring Costs

The standard Home Alarm plan from AlarmForce gets high ratings for value in consumer-written home security reviews. The plan is just $25 per month with a 36-month contract. There are no upfront fees; the basic equipment package and installation are free. The total for the 3 years is just $900, a good value when compared with the average $1,900 loss in home burglaries. This is one of the lowest home security prices in the industry.

For a small home, additional sensors may not be needed. For medium-sized and large homes, additional window/door contacts cost $69 each.

The AlarmCare system is also installed for free and there are no equipment costs. There is also no annual contract. You pay just $28 per month to have 24/7 medical emergency monitoring. Two other popular services, Lifeline and Lifecall, cost $39 per month and Lifeline has an installation fee. The medical emergency service from industry-leader ADT home alarms is more expensive as well.

As you can see, if you want a basic, reliable home security system, the home alarm monitoring plans from AlarmForce are certainly worth considering. They offer some of the lowest home security prices of any national brand.

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Alarm Force Reviews and Ratings

  1. Samantha added:

    I guess there is a reason why alarm force is one of the cheaper plans, because they have zero to no support or customer service. I’ve had many problems that still haven’t been solved and I still have to deal with riding out the contract. On the good side, the monitoring and cost are very good, but I wouldn’t make this choice again.

    Up-Front Cost 33333
    Ongoing Cost 44444
    Monitoring & Apps 44444
    Security Features 33333
    Warranty & Support 11111

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