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GE Home Security is also known as GE Security Pro. The company offers residential and commercial security systems. For homes, the top-rated GE Simon XT control panel is used. It programs quickly, can control up to 40 zones, features emergency buttons for the fastest possible response and has a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to read at a glance.

The GE Simon XT is used in the home security systems of many of the leading companies including Protect America, Pinnacle and Guardian Protection. It makes sense to consider GE Home Security, the maker of the most-used residential control panel on the market, especially because the company has very competitive home security prices beginning at $32.99 per month.

This GE Home Security review gives you a complete analysis of this company’s plan including security system prices, so you can compare it with others you are considering. See all of our security system reviews for coverage of the leading brands in the industry.

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Available Home Security Systems

For homes, GE Security Pro tailors packages based on the specific needs of the homeowner. When you get a written estimate from a representative, the quote will be based on the number of doors and windows you want to have monitored, how many motion detectors you want and the number of specialty sensors you need.

The GE Home Security basic package consists of the Simon XT control panel, indoor siren with control panel, 1 keychain remote, 2 window/door intrusion sensors, a motion detector and window/yard signs for your home. That package is $32.99 per month and works well for a small to medium-sized home. For larger homes, you’ll need to add window/door sensors and may want addition motion detectors too.

GE Security Pro offers wired and wireless systems to be accommodate your needs. All systems are backed up by secure digital cellular communication that will send signals if the wireless connection fails or if the landline is tampered with.  A battery backup is also included so that your home remains protected if there is a power outage of up to 24 hours.

Features and Accessories

The GE Simon XT is the standard control panel used in GE Home Security systems, but you can upgrade to a touchscreen control panel for added convenience. It also features 2-way voice which is the fastest way to communicate with the GE home alarm monitoring center. This touchscreen controller can be used to control all security functions, lighting, your heating and cooling system, door locks, home appliances and much more.

If you want to augment your home security system with more features, there are quite a few things you can add. The lists includes additional home alarms with flashing lights, carbon monoxide sensors, smoke and fire sensors, flood sensors, motion sensors, door/window intrusion sensors, keyfobs with quick-action emergency buttons and complete video surveillance using cameras and video recording equipment.

All data and video can be sent to you remotely on your PC, laptop or smart digital device. With GE Home Security systems, you can also program and control your security and automation systems remotely, so even while away from home, you can be assured that your home is protected, well lit and comfortable.

Installation Information

GE Security Pro technicians handle the installation of all home security systems. Most installation is wireless and goes very quickly. The technician will then test every feature of the system, connect with the home alarm monitoring center and train you in how to use the system. A manual is also included for later reference.

The equipment comes with a warranty. GE Home Security will fix or replace equipment during the life of the contract at no expense.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

When you choose a GE Security Pro home security system, there is a $99 installation and activation fee. Beyond that, the monthly home security prices start at $32.99 for the basic system. Security system prices can range toward $50 per month with advanced systems.

Because of the variables in pricing based on the customized plan for your home, it always makes sense to get multiple written estimates with a complete breakdown of costs. Then, as you’re considering home security systems, you can compare them head to head on equal footing. This is the only way to accurately compare the features and prices in order to get the best value for your home.

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GE Security Reviews and Ratings

  1. Karla added:

    I’ve never had a problem with GE and its a quality company all around. Had to pay an installation fee of about $100, but they allowed me to add it to my monthly bill. Customer service has been good. No real complaints so far.

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 33333
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 44444

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