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Guardian Protection offers complete home security systems for both existing homes and new construction. Packages and security system prices are different with each because it is much easier to wire systems during construction than it is to wire an existing home. Guardian Protection has an A+ rating from the BBB and is an Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient.

Guardian offers competitive security system prices and home security packages that are very comparable to other leading industry brands such as ADT, Pinnacle, FrontPoint, Monitronics, GE Home Security and more. To compare these and other home security companies, see our home security reviews for all the details. We include home security prices in all the reviews so that you’ve all the essential details to make your decision.

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Security Systems and Plans

For existing homes, Guardian Protection offers 5 separate programs. All of them include standard equipment without upfront charges, 24-hour home alarm monitoring, fire/medical emergency monitoring in addition to intrusion monitoring. All packages include features such as theft guarantee protection, relocation guarantee, personalized online customer care dashboard and signs for the yard and window. The equipment includes a GE Simon XT home control unit, built-in home alarm, 3 window/door sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 yard sign and 1 window sign. This is a standard set of equipment for the basic plans from most home security companies.

All but the Basic Package include a lifetime warranty on the equipment, digital cellular communication, current weather on the control panel, smart phone or computer notifications and geo-service.

Features and Accessories

Here are additional details for the various home security systems for existing homes.

Essential Package: Allows for complete home security system control from your smart phone or computer from remote locations. It uses the landline in your home with cellular backup or all cellular transmissions.

Plus Package: Includes Guardian VoiceLink, a two-way voice function that allows you to speak directly to personnel and the home alarm monitoring center. This package can include medical pendants as an upgrade.

Premium Package: This plan combines the features of the Essential and Plus packages.

EmPower Package: This plan includes home automation features so you can control your lights, sound system, locks, thermostat and more from remote locations. In addition, you get all the features of the Premium Package.

For new construction projects, the standard plan is the Essential Package. It can be upgraded to include VoiceLink 2-way voice communication, Cellular communication that uses digital cellular communication as a backup to or instead of a landline, and VoiceLink Plus Cellular, a combination of the tow.

The upgraded features and accessories for any of the Guardian Protection home security systems include additional motion sensors to add protection to the door/window sensors, a key fob transmitter with a panic button that allows you to arm or disarm your system from the car or other distant location without using the keypad, additional home alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, medical pendants, heat and smoke detectors/communicators, low temperature freeze protection and glass break detectors.

You might have noticed that Guardian Protection does not offer video surveillance as part of their packages. If you want a home security system that includes video, see our security system reviews of Protect America, FrontPoint, LifeShield, Protection 1 and several other leading companies.

Installation Information

Guardian Protection installs the equipment in your home. While the installation isn’t difficult, it allows the technician to fully test the system to ensure that it is working as it should.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Cost

Guardian does charge for installation and activation. While prices vary based on the complexity of the installation, they are typically $100-$400. Guardian does offer a Best Price Guarantee on installation of comparable systems. In other words, they’ll match or beat the competition whenever possible. It is unclear whether or not Guardian offers a warranty on the equipment they install.

As for the monthly home security prices, the least expensive plan is the Basic Package for $29.95 per month. The most expensive plan without upgraded services is $55.95 per month. If you have additional equipment, you will see higher rates.

When considering home security systems, it is important to get multiple estimates in order to compare apples to apples. The standard packages may not be adequate for your home, so until you see the entire proposal and all the costs involved, it is impossible to adequately compare security system prices.

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Guardian Protection Reviews and Ratings

  1. Annie added:

    I live in the area where this company was started, and that is why I went with them. Glad I did because it has been a great bunch of people to deal with. I’ve seen some negative reviews out there, but I’m not sure what the complaints are all about. I love them!

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555
  2. Morris added:

    Poor business and customer support. Didn’t produce much of anything they promised. Was able to break my contract after 10 months – but only after a huge battle.

    Up-Front Cost 22222
    Ongoing Cost 22222
    Monitoring & Apps 22222
    Security Features 22222
    Warranty & Support 11111
  3. Steven added:

    Very average when it come to security systems. Nothing really bad or really good to say about them. I will do some more indepth research before I sign on with another company. Maybe my expectations are a bit too high?

    Up-Front Cost 33333
    Ongoing Cost 33333
    Monitoring & Apps 33333
    Security Features 33333
    Warranty & Support 33333

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