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Monitronics, with 700,000 residential customers, has an impressive resume. It consistently wins industry awards for monitoring and quick response. The average response time of 23 seconds is among the top 5 of home security companies.

Monitronics uses state of the art home security systems and redundant home alarm monitoring handled by highly-trained professionals. Consumer-generated home security reviews rate them high in all reliability, response time and responsive customer service.

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Security Systems and Plans

Monitronics Home Security offers several different home security systems, so there is one to meet your specific requirements. A basic system will include up to 3 wireless entryway monitors, 1 wireless motion detector and 1 or more home alarms. The base control panel uses either a landline with a wireless backup or a full wireless/cellular system that doesn’t use a landline at all.

Local installation is not supplied by Monitronics Home Security directly, but by independent and certified installers in your area. They are approved and trained by Monitronics which produces consistency in the quality and service. This practice is used by several of the leading home security systems companies and in most cases is not considered a problem. In fact, it can lead to lower pricing as well as faster response times to fix or replace non-working equipment. GE, Honeywell and other brands of quality home security equipment are used.

In addition to standard home security/fire/hazard monitoring, Monitronics offers Personal Medical Alert systems for the elderly and anyone who has a medical condition that requires 24/7 monitoring.

Features and Accessories

Monitronics is recognized within the industry as a leader in cutting edge technology for home security systems. When your home has an event, a signal is instantly sent to the home alarm monitoring center. The center will contact you either by phone or via two-way voice. The two-way voice is hands-free and the most convenient way to communicate.

The system you choose from Monitronics Home Security can be quite basic, and the more basic the system is, the more affordable it will be. All its basic home security systems provide 24-hour monitoring, cellular/internet monitoring either as a primary or backup form of communication, online account access and the two-way voice interaction.

For advanced home monitoring, you’ve got several options. They include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and heat sensors. Monitronics does not have video surveillance, but the local installers you work with should be able to provide that.

All equipment used in any system comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Monitronics will maintain, repair or replace any equipment as needed during the life of the contract.

Installation Information

As we noted, installation is handled by local affiliates certified by Monitronics Home Security. All of the equipment installed is approved by Monitronics for quality, performance and reliability. Most local installers use GE or Honeywell equipment. Both brands are highly-rated in home security reviews and can be depended on to provide accurate, secure home monitoring.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

There are no upfront costs with Monitronics. The equipment is leased as part of the contract. This reduces expensive equipment fees which can surpass $1,500 quite easily. The downside is that a contract is required, with the starting home security prices of $31.95 per month for the basic package. The length of the contract is 36 months, a standard length for home alarm monitoring.

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced home security system from a company regarded as one of the leaders in electronic monitoring, Monitronics is a company worth considering.

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Monitronics Home Security Reviews and Ratings

  1. Frankie added:

    Very expensive and not the best support. Equipment and features are very good. Pros and cons just like other security systems I’ve used before.

    Up-Front Cost 33333
    Ongoing Cost 22222
    Monitoring & Apps 22222
    Security Features 33333
    Warranty & Support 33333
  2. Sean added:

    Great company! We use it for our business and they were able to set us up with everything we need. Would recommend them for sure!

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555

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