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Pinnacle Home Security is a relatively new company but is fast-growing and committed to quality home security systems and outstanding customer care. In its brief history, Pinnacle has won several annual GE Liberty awards given to home security companies that install GE security systems equipment.

This Pinnacle Home Security review gives you comprehensive information to evaluate this home alarm monitoring company for your purposes. See our complete collection of security system reviews for other leading companies you might want to compare with Pinnacle.

Available Home Security Systems

Pinnacle Home Security offers several home security systems beginning with the Essential Package that is ideal for a small home or apartment. The package is controlled by the top-rated GE Simon XT panel that is a part of many leading security systems. The system can use your landline with a cellular backup or use just wireless or cellular for all communication with the home alarm monitoring center.

The Essential Package comes with 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 yard sign and 1 window sticker. The services provided are 24/7 monitoring for police, fire and medical emergencies. The equipment is leased from the company as part of the contract. It is backed by a lifetime warranty, so if it needs to be repaired or replace, Pinnacle Home Security will do that in your home at their expense. Two-way voice offers fast communication with the monitoring center, so real emergencies can be immediately reported and false alarms can be cleared up. If you choose the cellular system, the entire system can be controlled remotely using your smart phone or device.

The Mobile Control Package is an upgraded home security system that includes all the equipment and features of the Essential Package and more. The extras include a touchscreen keypad for easier programming of the system, a glass break detector and a wall fob for faster communication of an emergency.

Monitoring for medical emergencies can be added by choosing the Security Plus Medical package.

Features and Accessories 

There are many features and accessories that you can enhance your Pinnacle Home Security system with. For environmental and additional monitoring functions, consider adding one of these sensors: carbon monoxide, water/flood freeze, garage tilt or recessed door. For larger homes, extend the perimeter of protection with additional door/window sensors, recessed door sensors, motion sensors, glass break detectors or additional door/window stickers or yard signs.

If you want to include video surveillance in your home security system, Pinnacle Home Security offers fixed cameras or pan/tilt cameras that can be motion-activated. Medical pendants are available for the elderly or those with medical conditions. Home automation, home networking and whole-house audio systems are also offered by Pinnacle.

Installation Information

Pinnacle Home Security uses a network of local installers to handle the installation. The company claims that 90% of its home security systems are installed the same day they are ordered. For one of the basic packages, installation is free. For video camera installation, there may be additional charges.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

There are no upfront costs for the Pinnacle Home Security systems. Homeowners pay a monthly fee for home alarm monitoring. Security system prices for the Essential Package and the Mobile Control Package range from $34.99 to $49.99 per month. If you choose expanded services, the extra home security prices will be increase the cost of the monthly fee paid. Pinnacle Home Security works with 36-month contracts.

The advantage of the long-term contract is that there are no upfront costs, but the downside is that monthly home security prices are higher. Most of the leading companies operate with no or low upfront fees and contracts of 12-60 months with 36 months being most common.

To compare security systems that work on the basis of contracts, see our home security reviews of ADT, AlarmForce, Protection 1, FrontPoint and other leading companies.

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Pinnacle Home Security Reviews and Ratings

  1. Joann A added:

    Been using Pinnacle for awhile now and have been very happy. Pros: Customer support is fantastic, equipment is top notch, and the monitoring is great. Con: Long term contract is the only way to get the lowest price.

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555
  2. Kurtis added:

    Not the best security system I have ever used, but definitely worth the money with the extra features they have. Video surveillance however, is extremely expensive. I could mount my own cameras for much less.

    Up-Front Cost 44444
    Ongoing Cost 44444
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 44444
    Warranty & Support 33333

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