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Protect America is a top-rated home security systems in terms of sales and installation. The company has been in business since 1992 and serves homes and businesses throughout the country.  Protect America uses GE home security systems and offers a range of security packages based on the number of doors and windows in your home. The company gets very good scores for value and customer satisfaction in consumer-posted security system reviews.

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Security Systems and Plans

The centerpiece of the Protect America home security system is the wireless GE Simon XT control panel with a complete range of security features. The panel has the capability to control more than 40 potential entry points to your home or business. The entire home security system has a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you are a Protect America customer. Customer service attempts to resolve equipment problems over the phone, and if equipment is defective, replacements are shipped.

You have your choice of 5 home security plans, each one based on the number of door or window sensors included. All plans uses one GE Simon XT panel and one motion detector. Here are the plans and the number of sensors they include: Copper (3), Bronze (7), Silver (10), Gold (12) or Platinum (15). The copper package has been recognized as a “Best Buy” from a leading home security reviews organization. All plans include 24/7 monitoring by the Protect America security center, and local authorities are contacted immediately when there is a need.

This is a fairly basic home security system, and that’s how the company keeps its home security prices affordable. The plans only vary in the number of potential entry points they monitor. Protect America customer support is available Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends.

Features and Accessories

The basic packages includes the home alarm monitoring panel, an infrared motion detector and the sensors, a battery backup, interior home alarm and door chime. You’ll also receive an owner’s manual and DVD with complete instructions for setting up the system, programming and reading the control panel and what to do in emergencies. Three security stickers and one yard sign are included.

The GE Simon XT control panel is top-rated for reliability and accuracy. It has an LCD touch screen as well as manual buttons to provide quick, convenient programming. Control options include quick updates of the home or building’s security status, turning the home security system on or off with one touch, digital voice feedback and an emergency response signal.

Beyond the standard packages, Protect America offers interactive video home security services that include cameras you can control from home or a remote location. The video security includes panning and tilting the camera. automatic recording when movement is detected, archiving of clips and notification when the camera has been operated. Smoke detectors can also be integrated into Protect America home security systems. GPS vehicle tracking is another option. It allows you to locate and track your vehicle in real time. Parents appreciate the safety and security information provided by the GPS tracking. This includes notification if the vehicle is speeding or going outside of approved areas.

Installation Information

Installation of the wireless control panel and sensors is non-invasive. No drilling is required and it can easily be done by the homeowner. There is no need to pay a professional installer to do the work. If you move, Protect America offers a moving kit that allows you to take the system with you and install it in your new home. The DIY installation is one of the features consumers appreciate the most about this brand.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

There are no upfront costs with Protect America. The equipment is free. This is one of the reasons the company is annually awarded a top rating in consumer home security reviews.  There is no charge for the equipment, repairs or maintenance. The customer is charged a monthly fee for the home alarm monitoring, and that is the only cost.

Here are current home security prices from Protect America with the number of sensors in parentheses:

  • Copper (3) $29.99/month
  • Bronze (7) $25.99/month
  • Silver (10) $37.99/month
  • Gold (12) $39.99/month
  • Platinum (15) $42.99/month.

These security system prices are considered among the best values in the home security industry. A 36-month contract is required for all packages. That length is the same as industry-leader ADT and most other home security contracts.

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Protect America Reviews and Ratings

  1. Scott added:

    We chose this company because they had a lot of options for monitoring and their equipment is pretty good. Customer support has been a headache, but the last time we called, they were very helpful. I would recommend them.

    Up-Front Cost 44444
    Ongoing Cost 33333
    Monitoring & Apps 44444
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 22222
  2. Greg P added:

    I’m fairly happy with Protection America and I liked the fact that they had a diy installation option. They are very affordable, but some of my dealings with support have not been good.

    Up-Front Cost 44444
    Ongoing Cost 44444
    Monitoring & Apps 44444
    Security Features 33333
    Warranty & Support 22222

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