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Protection 1 Security Solutions is the nation’s second largest home security system company. They have home alarm monitoring centers throughout the country that provide overlapping coverage. If there’s ever a potential emergency at your home, the signal will go to multiple centers to ensure the police, fire or medical emergency help is summoned immediately.

Protection 1 doesn’t offer set plans like most home security providers do. For each customer, they tailor a home security system to meet the individual requirements of the home. It starts with determining how many doors need to be protected. If you want window sensors, those can be added. One or more motion detectors are included in the home security systems they develop.

This Protection 1 review provides a complete analysis of the company that will help you decide if it’s the right home security company to protect your home, family and property. See our list of home security reviews for coverage of all the national home security companies. Comparing these security system reviews will help you find one that is right for your purposes. Home security prices are included in all our security system reviews.

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Security Systems and Plans

Your home’s system can communicate with the home alarm monitoring centers in several ways. Protection One offers PrimeCell for households that only use cell phones – no landline. It’s completely wireless. Secure VoIP systems are also available for those with network-managed IP communications systems including VoIP, web phone or digital phone. SecureCell is for homes with a landline system, though if the phone line is tampered with, a secure wireless call will alert the home alarm monitoring centers.

Features and Accessories

There are 3 keypad options for your home security system from Protection One. The Alpha keypad is the basic, providing easy push-button controls and digital display screen. The Talking Keypad is an upgrade and incudes an audible, digitized female voice. It’s a good choice for those with vision impairment. The top of the line control is a touchscreen model. A bi-directional key fob is also offered that provides quick, one-button operation of key features of the system. A panic function is included. The fob can be carried on your person or clipped to a car visor.

Protection One has several types of home alarms to use in the system you choose. These include door/window contacts, motion detectors should an intruder get past the door/window contacts, glass break detectors and wireless panic pendant or fob.

These are the essentials at the core of any package Protection 1, often referred to as Protection One, puts together for your home. It starts with a wireless keypad control that is the hub of the system. Three entry sensors are included along with a duress code for immediate help, an indoor siren, power supply and 24-hour battery backup.

The motion-detector is pet-friendly, meaning it won’t sound the alarm each time the dog or cat walks by. Protection One provides you with one yard sign and 1 window decal alerting potential intruders that the premises are protected by a home security system.

It’s easy to add environmental hazard sensors to any package as well. These include smoke detector home alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors and temperature sensors that can signal that the heating system of a home has failed and that temperatures are dropping into the range where pipes might freeze. If you leave your home for extended periods of time in the winter, this protection makes very good sense. Finally, water leak protection is ideal for a basement. The system will monitor the floor and if standing water above a minimal depth is sensed, the home alarm monitoring centers will be alerted.

Installation Information

Protection One handles the installation, and there is a fee of $300-$400 depending on the complexity of the system. Some of the installation could be done by the homeowner, but it is Protection 1’s policy to handle it and to make sure that the system is fully-operational.

Up Front and Monthly Monitoring Costs

The installation fee is the only upfront cost. Monthly home security prices average about $40 per month. Security system prices can be as low as $24.95 for a system that includes just the essentials listed above.

Protection 1 is an industry leader with a good Better Business Bureau rating. It also does well in consumer home security reviews for response, customer service and overall quality.

Protection 1 costs are about average for the industry. A basic package using just the core elements can be quite affordable. When you add additional security features, the price per month can go up quickly. That’s why it’s important to get multiple quotes on home security systems to find what the bottom line will be for your home.

Complete video surveillance systems are also offered by Protection 1. The video feed can be sent to you through any internet connection, smartphone or digital device.

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Protection One Reviews and Ratings

  1. Don P added:

    I have had protection one security for about 5 years now and I’ve been happy with it. I’ve done some looking around at different systems, but I don’t see anything that would make me switch.

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555
  2. Homeowner added:

    Top rate company and the best in the business!! Highly recommend!

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555
  3. Anthony added:

    I would say that they are pretty average all around. Not the best I’ve ever used, but certainly not the worse. I would recommend them for your first system.

    Up-Front Cost 33333
    Ongoing Cost 33333
    Monitoring & Apps 33333
    Security Features 33333
    Warranty & Support 33333

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