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Vivint Home Security serves all of the United States and Canada with complete residential home security systems. Vivint is also one of the leading home automation companies, and home automation can be seamlessly included in any Vivint Home Security system for additional fees.

Vivint has a basic package comparable to most home security companies, but most homeowners will either require or desire a few upgrades at least to make their home as secure as they want it to be. Vivint can provide complete video surveillance systems too, and plans allow you to access and control your system remotely using a computer or smart phone/device.

This Vivint Home Security review gives you details you can use to make an informed decision about this company. See all our home security reviews in order to compare Vivint with today’s leading providers of quality home security systems such as ADT, GE Security Pro, Lifeshield, Guardian, FrontPoint and Protect America.

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Security Systems and Plans

The primary package that Vivint offers includes the basics: 1 control panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 key fob and 1 yard sign. Some companies offer a basic home security system with 2 door/window sensors while a few others offer 3, as Vivint does.

The cost of this starter package is $49.99 per month for home alarm monitoring. There is an activation fee of $99 to get the system on the home alarm monitoring plan. The monthly fee is quite a bit higher than some. Comparable equipment packages are often $30-$40 per month for monitoring.

If you own a larger home or want to monitor more windows, you are required to purchase the additional equipment you need. Complete video systems are also available too. If you add video, the price of monitoring may go up too.

Features and Accessories

Features that can be included in customized home security systems from Vivint include touch screen control, video surveillance, security and safety (smoke/fire/CO) sensors, automation of lighting and small appliances, remote access and control of the security system and home automation, remote climate control, automatic door locks, severe weather alerts and non-emergency alerts sent via text or email.  A two-way voice feature allows for immediate contact with the home alarm monitoring center. It provides faster response to true emergencies and the easiest way to communicate that the alert was a false alarm.

You can enhance and expand your basic home security system with many different features and accessories. Here are home security prices for some of the most popular add-ons to the standard home security system: carbon dioxide alarm, smoke alarm, glassbreak detector or motion sensor $120; door/window sensor or recessed door sensor, $60; secondary touch screen panel, $180; and key fob, $60.

Installation Information

Vivint Home Security handles all of the installation through its network or authorized dealers. Installation is not difficult, but it is handled by the pros so that they can be sure the system works as planned. They also go over the operation of the system with the homeowner. Every home security system is tested to make sure that it is sending information to the home alarm monitoring center for complete home security.

Upfront and Monthly Monitoring Costs

The activation fee and the cost of additional equipment are your upfront fees. The monthly fees begin at $49.99 for a standard plan. You won’t know what your total costs are without a complete written estimate from a sales representative.

The best way to find the right home security system for your home at the most reasonable security system prices is to get several estimates from leading home security providers. Compare the bottom lines for each plan to determine which one is the most cost-effective choice for your home.

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Vivint Reviews and Ratings

  1. Janine added:

    I really wish you could get a full quote online and I might have purchased this system for my small business. I like the features they have, but it took forever for a salesperson to give me an actual price. I did a lot of research and knew what I did and didn’t want, but they kept giving me the hard sale. I ended up with another company.

    Up-Front Cost 44444
    Ongoing Cost 22222
    Monitoring & Apps 22222
    Security Features 44444
    Warranty & Support 22222
  2. Henry added:

    No problems from start to finish. I wasn’t looking to switch security systems, but when I was presented with Vivents services and all the options you can get, I decided to make a change. Haven’t had any problems so far.

    Up-Front Cost 55555
    Ongoing Cost 55555
    Monitoring & Apps 55555
    Security Features 55555
    Warranty & Support 55555

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